Anthony Morrison: 3 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Scam

Anthony Morrison: 3 important things you can do to avoid scam.  Anthony Morrison wants to remind you there are ways to prevent scams.  Anthony Morrison has posted this list of 3 things to do to avoid scam online:

          Avoid Scam Tip 1: If it is too good to be true, it probably is a scam.

          Avoid Scam Tip 2: Another great tip to avoid scams is to always try to pay by credit card and not use checks, money orders or cash.  You have a better chance of getting your money back in case of a scam if you dispute the charge.

          Avoid Scam Tip 3: Be careful with passwords and any other sensitive information. For example use combinations of numbers and words. Use words that are not common in use. Don’t give out your passwords. Scam artists are very tricky about getting this type of information.

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